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I bet you can make an anchor fall faster then me. #trebaproblems #sharkbait
Once upon a time there was a girl.

Once upon a time there was a girl , a miserable one. One that was different.. See she thought life was nothing but hell and actually found out that was the case. She thought there was no way on this planet we call earth that there was an escape. Once upon a time she fell farther than earth. lost grip of the world, and fell and kept falling. She woke up in a bright room, family surrounded. She smiled when she woke up because she didn’t fall completely she was alive again. Despite the flaws, life seemed a whole lot better. There would be times that I … I mean that girl would fall back into that road but it was okay, Because this time there was happiness to get out of it.. not like the first time. That girl got treated horribly when she decided to let her heart go now. That was a deffiniton of karma. She let her life go, well now she gets punished in not finding love in someone else. Well once upon a time.. all of that was over. She met the most inspiring / hero / amazing / wonderful / unbelievable / etc. / etc. I can go on more but you guys know the point and I dont want to lose you were almost done. Anyways , this other amazing significant other comes and opens another life for her. Forgetting the past, Forgetting what went wrong and how it can go wrong. Everything was okay. Feeling like your dead to feeling superhuman is unchangeable. well once upon a time.. Death actually happened and it wasnt the depressed going to go cry in the room for hours and be okay. This was losing an important person that isnt like losing / deleting a number, this was permanent. Almost like losing a wisdom of life. A part in her that can never be filled. Every night she lights a candle by you. Rest in peace. How does someone who went through hell who went through depression cope with all that feeling by herself? She fortunately already had an another angel waiting for her. This significant other wasnt just all those precious things, she/ is an angel. That  she got asked to marry month after. once upon a time.. she said yes. 

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